Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

What's the status?

DeltaMaster keeps you informed
ad hoc and on schedule – as you need it.
DeltaMaster intervalic reports
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Nice, clear, and simple:

DeltaMaster manages the layout, colors, and graphics
in your reports – so you don't have to.
DeltaMaster Time Series in Small Multiples
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

The smaller the format,
the quicker the glance.

Lightning-fast formats for smartphones.
DeltaMaster Reports on iPhone
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Red or blue?
That's a clue.

Detect what's good and bad news for your business – instantly.
DeltaMaster Ticker
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Where? Where from?
Where to?

Focus on your analyses. DeltaMaster takes care of the rest –
with templates, automatic layouts and rules for better visualizations.
DeltaMaster Geo Analysis
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Still on track?

Optical and acoustical signals keep you alert
so you can take timely actions when necessary.
DeltaMaster Tickerportal
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Different formats for
different devices

With our clear smartphone reports,
you'll even understand your data in the fast lane.
DeltaMaster reports on the iPhone
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Build better reports...

Eye-catching templates for P&L, finances,
risk, daily sales updates, rolling forecasts, and more.
DeltaMaster report on iPad
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

From insights
to action

DeltaMaster puts your business performance
on display so you know when it's time to take action.
DeltaMaster Business Control Center
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Share good news

Distribute important news and notifications as simple text messages.
DeltaMaster Notification on iPhone
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Great reports on
all tablets

Different rules apply for different tablets.
DeltaMaster knows them all.
DeltaMaster Geo Analysis on iPad
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

See more.
Understand more.

Create informative reports for smartphones, tablets, PCs,
and monitor screens – all with the same software.
DeltaMaster on Monitor Screens
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Keep the complexity.
Just keep it under control.

The Hyperbrowser helps you see through
complex structures – easily and accurately.
DeltaMaster Hyperbrowser
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Stop. Look. Listen!

With DeltaMaster, you can't oversee what's in the red.
DeltaMaster Tickerportal
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Striking reports are
a pleasure to read

Your data takes center stage –
with the automatic layout designs in DeltaMaster.
DeltaMaster Small Multiples
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Big data? Big screen!

Big data is ready for its big-screen debut.
DeltaMaster Business Control Center
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

Instant BI

Build reports with one click –
with rich, built-in analyses and data-mining templates.
DeltaMaster Class comparison
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

New insights at
every turn

Keep goals and achievement levels
in sight – and under control.
DeltaMaster Ticker on the floor
Business Intelligence
and DeltaMaster

See, understand,
and explain variances

The patented variance analysis in DeltaMaster
identifies and explains variances – automatically.
Variance Analysis in DeltaMaster

Business Intelligence and DeltaMaster - look, see, do

In-cell graphics, trend detection, trumpet curves, and more

Analytic library
Rich built-in analytics

Technical data
What your CIO should know

NEW: Business control center
Your company at a glance

DeltaMaster Logo

DeltaMaster – Software solutions for analysis, planning, and reporting

DeltaMaster was designed for analyzing, planning, and reporting multi­dimensional data. Discover new insights within your data using a complete spectrum of built-in analytics, and share them as highly informative reports in standard as well as innovative formats.

One for all

Are you looking for solutions for professional analysts, experienced users, or relative novices? Do you need to analyze and understand information on a daily basis or just now and then? DeltaMaster offers different modes for different user needs – all within a single solution.

From any source

Analyze statistical, business, or technical data in as much detail as you need. With DeltaMaster, you can combine information from various sources including data warehouses, data marts, SAP applications, Microsoft Access, Excel, and text files.

Comprehensive built-in analytics

DeltaMaster contains a built-in analytic library with a full range of business, statistical, and data mining methods. You can apply these methods to answer specific questions as an ad hoc analysis or publish them to different user groups as interactive standard reports.

Throughout your business

Financial controlling and cost accounting. Sales control, market assessments, and competitive analysis. Production, quality, and service control. Logistics optimization. Forecasting, planning, and simulations on operational and technical KPIs. Global real estate portfolio management. Technical process analysis. These are just some of the ways that our clients use DeltaMaster. How may we help you?

DeltaMaster for kiosk, LFD, and control center solutions

In most industries today, business transpires in minutes... or even seconds. In order to effectively steer business performance at such a high-speed pace, managers need comprehensive, current views of their business that go above and beyond financial metrics. Real-time software/hardware solutions based on DeltaMaster can help by embedding managers in the daily operational activities on all levels of the company. Our patented visualizations are designed so that managers can intuitively recognize where they need to take action. These visualizations stimulate the brain in the sections that use parallel processing whenever possible instead of the slower ones that use sequential processing.

KPIs, charts, Office files, images, videos, symbols, photos, tickers

Real-time monitoring requires business models that are as true to life yet as abstract as possible so that managers can identify patterns and outliers easily. Software/hardware solutions based on DeltaMaster support this task by integrating a wide range of formats and providing the means to combine them flexibly.

Supervisory boards, executives, managing directors, department managers, team leaders

Managers of small businesses are often fully engrossed in the everyday reality of their operations. In mid-size companies and large corporations, however, this would involve highly granular information on many different levels. Not to mention, the people who receive this added information would need the capabilities to process it. That's why we have designed our solutions so that they require little to no interaction. Instead of straining to understand them, managers can interpret them intuitively while waiting, travelling, or simply walking through the office. This makes good use of unproductive time as well.


The more that managers know about day-to-day operations, the better they can make strategically sound decisions. Software-hardware solutions based on DeltaMaster can access data from a wide range of operational systems and other data sources.

Smartphones, tablets, PC, kiosk systems, LFDs, monitor walls

Software-hardware solutions based on DeltaMaster support both standard and new formats with coordinated, yet unique designs. Using standard modules for animation and interaction, you can easily, efficiently load the necessary components to the respective medium.

Selected features

Mobile BI
Access DeltaMaster reports on
iPhone and iPad devices.

Web reporting
Get the information you need
online at any time.

Exception reporting
Receive automatic alerts when
you need to take action.

User-defined hierarchies
View your world the way you want
with just a few mouse clicks.

Portfolio analysis
Know when to milk your cash cows
or put them off to pasture.

Planning, analysis, and reporting
Close the loop between insights and
action with rich planning features.

Pivot navigation
Find the causes of variances faster
than with simple slice and dice.

Geo analysis
Visualize relationships between
values and regions.

Multilanguage support
Support and maintain applications
in various languages.

Concentration analysis
Know which products are driving
your success – within seconds.

Share findings and updates with
colleagues instantly via email.

Graphic tables
Combine the advantages of graphics
and tables for a win-win situation.

Clean, clear design
Use colors to send signals – not
for decoration.