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Business Intelligence
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Business Intelligence
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Business Intelligence
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Business Intelligence
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Business Intelligence

With our software DeltaMaster, you can design individual solutions for analysis, planning, and reporting. Replace endless stacks of reports with our patented visualizations. Detect trends and outliers in your data using intuitive navigation tools.

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Are you looking for software solutions for analytic CRM, Business Intelligence, data mining, data warehousing, financial controlling, OLAP, performance management, planning, or standard reporting?

Are you interested in innovative software-hardware packages for kiosk, LFD, or control center solutions?

We would be happy to discuss your challenges and requirements one on one.

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DeltaMaster 5.6.1 is now available

Clients and partners can now download the latest release of DeltaMaster.

Best Practice Award for DeltaMaster Clients in Austria

Salinen Austria has received the 2014 Best Practice Award for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing in Austria 2014. Experts of The Austrian Controller Institute ÖCI and the independent software analyst BARC have been the jury. Congratulations!

Bissantz presented the new generation of BI software DeltaMaster

At CeBIT in March 2014, Bissantz & Company presented the newly developed concept of operations and presentation of the Business Intelligence software DeltaMaster for the first time. This will make the use of control reports for the manage­ment considerably easier - and facilitate the drafting of these reports for the control­ling section. The focus was on a newly designed visualization standard that enables an emotional understanding of business figures: the report weather.

14 first-place rankings for DeltaMaster in BI Survey 2013

Once again, DeltaMaster has obtained top rankings in the vendor-independent BI Survey. Users have rated DeltaMaster as the leading BI product in fourteen different categories, seven alone in the peer group for OLAP analysis tools. DeltaMaster has also received high marks for customer satisfaction.

BARC awards DeltaMaster solutions for best practices in BI

Two DeltaMaster customers competed for the Best Practice Awards for Business Intelligence among midsize companies – and won: BJB, an industrial manufacturer in the electronics industry, was selected among the finalists while OptiMedis, a service provider for regional networks in the healthcare industry, took first place. Congratulations!

A complete success: Bissantz BI Camp in October 2013

We invited students across Germany to join us for a three-day workshop on Business Intelligence and data warehousing in Nuremberg. Our debut event was a complete success – for us and the participants alike.

Executive Forum "Emotional Management Information"
on 6 June 2013 in the Hotel Waldorf Astoria in Berlin, Germany

For the fourth time, we organized our Executive Forum for entrepreneurs, executive boards, managing directors, and department heads. More than 150 participants experienced a day of fascinating and inspiring presentations from the rally driver Jutta Kleinschmidt, the brain researcher Professor Gerhard Roth and our clients from Bechtle, Leica Camera, and Porsche.

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